What to Bring

We want you to enjoy your trip, so make sure you bring along the essentials to make your trip more comfortable!


  • Call day prior to confirm your trip.
  • Fishing licenses
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Sunglasses & Hat
  • Food & drink (in small cooler)
  • Camera
  • Derby Tickets (if needed)
  • Lodging reservations
  • Medication for seasickness
  • Cooler to take your catch home in.


  • Valid New York State fishing License: You can purchase your license online or locally.  Licenses are for One Day, 7 Day and Year. For those who are fishing out of Oswego, licenses can be purchased with CASH at the entrance booth at Wright's Landing.  We suggest that if you have a morning trip that you purchase your licenses prior to the day you fish to avoid any possible interruption in your trip.
  • Soft sole shoes - Sneakers, boat shoes or rubber boats preferred as footwear.  Please, NO black soles or work boots.
  • Dress according to the season.  Weather conditions vary greatly and the rule of thumb is that it's several degrees cooler on the water than on land.  We suggest that you take a moment to check the local weather forecast for the port you'll be fishing so you can pack & dress appropriately.  Dress in layers for maximum comfort. For our friends fishing with us in May, the cool 38-42 degree surface temperature that time of year means cold air temperatures on the lake.  Although it may be 68 degrees on shore, temps on the lake combined with wind can mean dressing for winter.  (Seriously!)  June generally brings warmer conditions as the surface temperatures quickly increase.  We suggest that you pack a cool weather/rain jacket so that you can better enjoy your trip.  The cockpit of our boat is covered with a hard top to help keep out inclement weather, and below if a full head.
  • Skin protection is very important when fishing on the water, so bring a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • Food & Drink.  Bring your meals, snacks and drinks.  We only ask that you do not bring glass containers for everyone's safety.  Alcohol is permitted.  Please drink responsibly and remember that someone needs to be the designated driver when we return to port.
  • Don't forgot your camera!  We want you to remember your trip and photos are priceless.  All camera equipment should be properly protected from water spray.
  • Rain gear.  Just in case.... because we all know how often the weather changes.
  • Cooler to take your catch home in.  Your catch will be cleaned and filleted when we return to the dock.  In Oswego, a charge of $3 per fish will be added for filleting and packaging your catch.  This is performed by a city employee who will quickly and very competently process your fish.  Ice can be purchased at the marinas.
  • Medication for Seasickness.  There is nothing worse than not being able to enjoy your trip due to seasickness, or having to call your trip early to return back to shore.  If you are prone to seasickness, there are several options.  Scopalomine patches are the most effective and are only available by prescription through your doctor.  Several over the counter options are available, but need to be taken the night prior and prior to arriving at the boat to be most effective.  Please follow package directions.  Remember, we are unable to return to dock to drop off ill customers and then return to the lake to resume fishing. If motion sickness is a possibility, consult your doctor for appropriate recommendations.
  • MOST IMPORTANT!!  Please call 24-36 hours prior to your trip to confirm your arrival and time, or with any questions or concerns.  (607) 423-4415  We look forward to having you on board!

How to Contact Us:

eMail: capt_garrett@hotmail.com
phone: (607)423-4415

Mailing Address:
Captain Brian Garrett
2095 Maxfield Road
Cortland, NY 13045